Adidas Adizero Boston 11 W Beaora/Wonste/Bliora
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Adidas Adizero Boston 11 W Beaora/Wonste/Bliora


Adidas Adizero Boston 11 W

Adidas Adizero Boston 11 W.

The Boston Marathon is a race. But it’s also a goal, and a training plan and all the days it stays on your mind before the big one. The Adizero Boston 11 Shoes are built for mid- to long-distance running. They bring a race-day feel to training with a propulsive feel that comes from ENERGYRODS, which limit energy loss underfoot. They’re fast, but that does not come at the cost of durability — the midsole mixes ultralight Lightstrike Pro cushioning with durable Lightstrike EVA.

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