Dynafit Alpine 8 Vest Storm Blue Blueberry


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Dynafit Alpine 8 Vest

Dynafit Alpine 8 Vest.

Holds everything you need for trail running: The Alpine 8 Unisex Running Vest is an impressive all-rounder for short to middle distances with its intelligent design features and perfect fit. The light, comfortable, versatile Alpine 8 Running Vest is your perfect running buddy for every trail run. It fits like a second skin and offers all kinds of room for your gear as well as an ingenious compartment layout so you can easily stay organized. The main compartment on the back is further divided into two overlapping compartments. The compartment closer to your back is accessible via an upper zipper at the back of the neck as well as from a bottom zipper. The second compartment also features a bottom zipper. This makes the vest easy to pack, and your stuff are always reachable with one hand while running. In addition, the Alpine 8 at the front, sides and back features more stretch pockets to stow small items, and also has a removable waterproof pocket for a smartphone and the like, which you can stash wherever you want in the vest when you don’t need it. Particular attention was given by the developers to the fit because nothing is more annoying on a run than a running vest that bobbles all around. This vest boasts a comfortable fit even after many kilometers on the trail with its 3D mesh. The vest’s fit can also be individualized perfectly for your size and body shape via two stretch closures and the side adjustment system. An additional special feature of the Alpine 8 Running Vest is the pole attachment. For this, you have the choice of three different options: front vertical, rear vertical, or rear horizontal as a “V” – however you prefer. Two 500 ml soft flasks with wide mouths for quick refilling are included with each pack. Of course, you can also use the pack with a hydration reservoir. Alpine 8 Running Vest – The all-round pack for every trail run.









Dynafit Alpine 8 Vest Storm Blue Blueberry




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