Dynafit Alpine DNA W Black Out/Pink Glo

Dynafit Alpine DNA W Black Out/Pink Glo


Dynafit Alpine DNA W

Dynafit Alpine DNA W.

An ultra-lightweight trail racing shoe. Ideal for fast, technical trails with challenging downhill sections.
The ALPINE DNA is a race-oriented version of the ALPINE Trail Running Shoe. With its lightness and a minimalistic upper design, the ALPINE DNA is a racing shoe for fast, technical trails with challenging downhills. The Adaptive Fit System is a lacing construction that is especially well adapted for personal needs and that enables comfortable fit of the foot in the shoe. Its rounded Alpine Rocker sole design and well-balanced cushioning achieve a dynamic, responsive ground feel. The ALPINE DNA offers yet another feature with a Volume Reducer – an extra footbed. This allows you to lower the shoe’s mid-volume design for a snugger fit. The ALPINE DNA has a grippy VIBRAM outsole with MEGAGRIP rubber blend for secure traction in all conditions. With the ALPINE DNA, DYNAFIT has launched a Trail Running shoe that fulfills everything needed to achieve personal bests and to break old records.

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