Dynafit Sky 6 Backpack Neon Yellow / Black Out

Dynafit Sky 6 Backpack Neon Yellow / Black Out


Dynafit Sky 6 Backpack

Dynafit Sky 6 Backpack.

Intelligent and light for sky races and verticals.
The optimized 6L Sky Running Backpack has with a very high degree of stretch for maximum fit adaptability.

Light, compact and with intelligent features: The Sky 6 Unisex Backpack scores big on steep, snappy trail runs as a fast buddy offering a lot of comfort.

When Sky Running, runners must give their all, and you can only play on the A-team if you have the right gear. The Sky 6 features everything you need for trail runs with a six-liter capacity and numerous intelligent details, yet it weighs so little.

Made with stretch materials, this pack hugs your body ideally, enabling you to be fast and fleet on the trails. Your smartphone is ideally protected from moisture in a waterproof inner pocket. Of course, developers have also taken your provisions into consideration: The Sky 6 boasts two front pockets for at-the-ready stowing of flasks. Gels or bars can find a home in side mesh pockets. In the main compartment, you can stash your wind or rain jacket, a change of clothes, or a hydration reservoir. Poles can be attached on the back with the elastic cords. A reflective logo ensures better visibility at twilight or in diffuse light conditions. In an emergency, the small whistle will draw attention to you.

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