Odlo Ceramicool Light Arm Sleeves Black

Odlo Ceramicool Light Arm Sleeves Black


Odlo Ceramicool Light Arm Sleeves

Odlo Ceramicool Light Arm Sleeves.

Guard against excessive sun and cold descents with ODLO’s new Ceramicool Light armwarmer for cycling. This lightweight armwarmer is built with seamless construction and has engineered areas to create great airflow and freedom of movement, making it the ultimate biking accessory. Shield yourself from the sun with high 40+ UV protection built right in and keep cool with Ceramicool technology that actively cools the skin by up to 1°C. When the wind blows the armwarmer also acts as a warming layer you can easily take with you on your ride.

Χαρακτηριστικά Προϊόντος:

  • Anatomical Construction
  • Freedom of Movement
  • Fast Drying

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